No Panties Valentine's Day In Malaysia

Female students in higher-learning institutes in Malaysia are being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine's Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends.

No Panties Valentine's Day

The "no-panties promotion", being held for the first time, has been gaining interest among the students, who are passing the news by word-of-mouth, Star Online reported.

State Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) director Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said: "We will not allow Muslim students to be taken in by such celebrations that deviate from the teachings of Islam."

Valentine's Day used to be about roses and romantic dinners but now girls must also go without panties. Young people these days more daring liao. Their idea of expressing love for each other different from the older generation.

With such a seductive theme for Valentine's Day in 2010, couples (especially those unmarried ones) in Malaysia will have to exercise some self-restraint.

If they are not careful, there could be lots of khalwat (close proximity) charges by the religious police and spoil what could be a "touching" Valentine's Day.

SHINee Surprised By Warm Reception In Singapore

SHINee boy band
SHINee, Korea's up and coming boy band, touched down in Singapore to much fanfare. With thousands of screaming fans greeting SHINee at Changi Airport Lot 1, the reception was even more boisterous than that of Boys Over Flowers superstar Lee Minho's arrival last year.

SHINee was invited to Singapore to participate in the "Oh Joonsung Drama Concert Music from Korean Drama Favourites" concert along with Oh Joosung, Bobby Kim and Mario.

This may be the first time SHINee is visiting Singapore, but the fans already left them with a deep impression.

SHINee Singapore
SHINee's Key said: "We were very surprised, and totally did not expect so many people to welcome us. However, the organisers and also the other staff were all very good, so we did not feel uneasy because of this."

SHINee's Jonghyun told Xin.Sg afterwards that they can't wait to stand on stage quickly to perform for everyone.

China Aunty Creates Din On MRT

China Aunty Creates Din On MRT
A China aunty created a din on a MRT all the way from Jurong East to Raffles Place yesterday.

A Singapore housewife was complaining to her daughter about her husband’s infidelity but her remarks about “cheap PRC slut” was overheard by a PRC aunty standing nearby who thought it was directed at her.

She demanded that the Singapore lady explain why she is “cheap” and why she is insulting her in this manner but the Singaporean ignored her throughout the journey.

The 40 year old PRC woman then kicked up a fuss and cried loudly on the MRT till the MRT staff and police arrived to resolve the matter.

This incident follows a PRC family who disrupted a SBS bus service two weeks ago for five hours due to a wheelchair incident. I think the integration of PRs into our local community is far from easy and will take time.

Though Singapore is an immigrant society, our forefathers mostly come from the southern improverished regions in China who fled the harsh conditions at home to search for greener pastures while the new immigrants today mostly come from northern China.

There are definitely cultural differences but the key thing is that we, both locals and foreigners, should not be overly sensitive. For the last four decades, Singaporeans thrive in a multi-racial society as we learnt to be tolerant and respectful towards each other.

Singaporeans have also taken remarks by our politicians in our stride, like "kiasu," "kiasi", "sheep," "daft," etc. Such unsavory comments will have raised a furore in Taiwan, where the media pounces on the issue and politicians gain mileage for demanding apologies. Fortunately, we don't appreciate such political drama.

To prevent future misunderstandings, Singaporeans must extend their tolerance twoards the newcomers and be mindful of their feeelings. Foreigners should also do their part by abiding the rules and not having an overbearing attitude.

Girls Generation New Album Oh! Top Charts

Girls Generation New Album Oh! Top Charts
Girls’ Generation has released their new album "Oh!" and it immediately shot to the top of numerous best-seller lists.

Girls Generation is commonly referred to as SNSD, the acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae or So Nyuh Shi Dae. Its members include Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sunny.

Web sites were being bombarded with orders for the album, the second full-length album by the nine member girl band, even before it was released.

The Oh! music video where Girls Generation appear as cheerleaders and prance around acting cute garnered more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

This electronic pop song with catchy lyrics has definitely surpassed their previous single “Tell Me Your Wish.”

Apple iPad Coming To Singapore In March

Apple iPad Coming To Singapore In March
The much anticipated iPad was unveiled today and it is quite accurate to call it an iPhone on steroids.

What the iPhone can do, the iPad does better as it possess the power of a laptop. You can browse the web, enjoy games, music, photos, videos, magazines, newspapers and e-books too.

The iPad also allows you to check your email or work on a presentation but the basic purpose is still entertainment. If you have not bought an iPhone or a Kindle, the iPad is a must have.

Even if you own a Kindle already, you may tempted to switch over. Right now Kindle looks obsolete - just a functional e-book reader, standing beside the iPad.

While some Kindle buyers may prefer the no-frills approach, I think there are enough people who desire the more pricey but entertaining iPad to make Amazon worry.

Prices for Apple iPad Singapore are not known yet. The wireless iPad will be available in March, but the 3G model (costing US$130 more) will be launched in 90 days time with local telcos around the world.

Second Phase of Circle Line Will Attract More Shoppers

Circle Line Will Attract More Shoppers
The second phase of the Circle Line, comprising 11 MRT stations from Bartley to Dhoby Ghaut stations, will open on April 17.

It may be three months away but businesses are already recruiting more staff as shopper traffic is expected to increase by some 30 per cent.

Workers around the area can also look forward to shorter travelling time. The Stadium Station (between National Stadium and Indoor Stadium) will provide concert-goers with alternative transport too.

The final phase of the Circle Line, which will link up western Singapore to places like Botanic Gardens and Holland Village, is expected to be ready next year. You can see the Circle Line map here.


SHINee To Visit Singapore For "Oh Joonsung Drama Concert"

SHINee To Visit Singapore In February
Korean boyband SHINee will visit Singapore in February as guest stars of a two-day concert at the Esplanade titled 'Oh Joonsung Drama Concert - Music from Korean Drama Favourites'.

SHINee will also hold a fan-signing session to meet with fans. Only fans that have purchased the albums are allowed to queue for signatures. Limited albums will be sold at the venue to maintain exclusivity and only 1000 lucky fans will be able to get SHINee's signatures.

Here is SHINee's itinerary for their visit to Singapore:

Arrival at Changi Airport
Oh Joonsung, SHINee, Bobby Kim, and Mario (via the same flight)
Date: 29 January, 8.45pm
Location: Changi International Airport, Terminal 3

Year of Us fan-signing session
Date: 31 January, 1.30pm
Location: Lot One, Roof Garden Level 5

Oh Joonsung Drama Concert - Music from Korean Drama Favourites
Date: 1 & 2 February, 7.30pm (90 minutes)
Location: Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

[Yahoo News]

Sunmi Quits Wonder Girls

Sunmi Quits Wonder Girls
Sunmi has announced she is leaving Wonder Girls. The 18 year old will take a break from show business and go back to school.

Replacing Sunmi will be 17-year-old HyeLim, who has been with JYP Entertainment for the last three years. Born in Hong Kong, Lim is fluent in four languages - Korean, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

"After long deliberation and discussion among Sunmi and her family, the members of the Wonder Girls, and the company, we finally concluded that Sunmi will quit as a member of the Wonder Girls and return to Korea and to school," JYP said in a press release.

It quoted Sunmi as saying, "I would like to resume my career in show business after becoming a university student. Being on stage and touring 50 cities in the U.S. in the past year was a happy and valuable experience, but I'm not sure I can continue to live like this in the future."

Hmm, leaving Korea's top girl band at its peak could be a smart move while she furthers her education. Since the company is supportive of her comeback, we may just see Sunmi launching her solo career soon.


Alicia Liu 劉薰愛 Exposed As A Transsexual

Alicia Liu transsexual
Looking at the photo of Taiwanese model Alicia Liu Xun-Ai (劉薰愛), it is hard to imagine that she is/was a guy during high school.

Alicia Liu shot to fame after her appearances on a parody show, Big Party. She was known for having an angelic face, sexy curves, and a sweet voice.

The transsexual expose happened when a fellow school mate identified 劉薰愛 as a senior, Liu Zi-hua (orginal name), in high school. Netizens quickly picked up on this issue and began to query her gender.

Alicia Liu was initially non-commital about the sex change rumors during a press conference (see video). She simply showed her ID to prove she is a girl and mentioned she liked being a girl for as long as she can remember. She stressed her happiness with her present appearance and the past is not important at all.

However, after a week, Alica Liu finally admitted she is a transseuxal in a magazine interview. She revealed that her sex-change surgery happened at the age of 18 and her ex-boyfriend paid for it. This secret was meant to be revealed after she becomes famous.

Liu's agency does not consider her gender to be a breach of contract. As she has been "very professional and dedicated" in her work, the company does not care about her past.

I believe transsexuals deserve a place in society and make a honest living in the entertainment industry. In Alicia Liu's case, living as a woman is something she wanted all along.

However, I do worry about the trend of too many transsexuals in the entertainment industry as this sends the wrong signal that a sex change is the only way to be successful.

[China Times]

Johnny Depp Die In Car Crash?

Johnny Depp Die In Car Crash?
Johnny Depp, who was recently ranked sexiest man alive and most stylish, was reportedly involved in a car accident.

Rumors are rife that Johnny Depp is now dead but this is not true! Johnny is in good condition. The picture of the crushed car was actually cut and pasted onto an Angelfire user's page.

Fortunately, nothing happened to Johnny Depp who is one of my movie idols. His family members will have been upset over such an evil prank.

Hope For Haiti Telethon Video

George Clooney hosted a two hour "Hope For Haiti" telethon broadcast yesterday which was a brilliant success.

People from all walks of life, including the busy celebrities, are willing to come together to do this telethon shows that there is hope for a loving, compassionate and unified world.

Hope For Haiti Telethon Video
I believe the heartfelt speeches, performances by top musicians, and CNN reports in Haiti touched many people. If you want to do your part, donations can be made at Hope For Haiti Now.

Beyonce's performance was outstanding, especially the way she added Haiti's name to her song ''Halo.'' Check the highlights of the telethon below.

Brad Pitt Beard Sexy or Disgusting?

Brad Pitt Beard Sexy or Disgusting?
Hollywood's sexiest men have taken to growing beards, which should normally add to their ruggedness and manly appeal.

I like Brad Pitt a lot but his shraggly goatee is rubbing me the wrong way. Will you like your man to have Brad Pitt's beard?

The results at poll seems to agree that Brad Pitt's facial hair is least popular while George Clooney neatly trimmed beard is very well received.

The Killers Cancel Asia Tour

The Killers Cancel Asia Tour
The Killers have cancelled their Asian tour, citing "unforeseen circumstances".

The band is supposed to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday, January 24, 2010 for their first ever show here, before touring Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and Seoul.

A statement was released on their official site saying: "The band deeply apologises to their fans and hope to reschedule their shows in these cities soon."

This multi-platinum VMA Award-winning, Grammy-nominated band from Las Vegas, has won critical acclaim and huge international following since their start in 2002. It is a waste that Singapore fans cannot meet their idols.

Below is one of The Killers' most popular hit, Mr Brightside, which is apt given the disappointment. Look on the bright side, guys. You can't see The Killers in person, at least watch their videos.

By the way, if you have purchased tickets, visit Sistic to find out where and how to get your refunds.

Koodie Sensation Archie Coffer In My Daddy Cooks

Archie Coffer In My Daddy Cooks
The buzzword in the food world right now is koodies - kid foodies.

It is not a new concept but poster child, Archie Coffer, who is only 2 years old, has made it interesting to watch. The kid has even been nicknamed “the miniature Jamie Oliver.”

Archie Coffer is one half of the father-son duo starring in My Daddy Cooks, a video and recipe blog with an international following.

The toddler’s father, Nick Coffer, has already signed with an agent, been filmed by the BBC, and has a book deal in progress.

Watch the father and son make a vegetable frittata in the video below.

Emmanuelle Chrique Is Most Desirable Woman

Emmanuelle Chrique
Emmanuelle Chriqui has topped a survey by for being the most desirable women.

The 32-year-old actress, best known for the TV series "Entourage," has the "qualities most men would want in a girlfriend or wife."

Previous winners of the world's "Top 99 Most Desirable Women," now in its 10th year, include Katherine Heigl, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima. mentioned that Emmanuelle Chriqui's appeal was boosted by the fact that she hardly appears in celebrity magazines. That is quite true because not many people are aware of Emmanuelle Chriqui until this survey.

As for last year's winner, Eva Mendes, I think she has been featured in too many celeb magazines and her topless ad for Calvin Klein may be too hot for the guys to handle.


Just For Laughs Comes To Asia

"Just For Laughs" is a program which always makes me laugh. They stage funny, and sometimes bizarre, situations and capture the different expressions of passer-bys.

After some tough pre-production work, "Just For Laughs Gags Asia" has finally make it to our local TV, Channel 5, every Tuesday at 9pm.

I must say the local crew of Just For Laughs - Singapore are pretty professional. We can see that Singaporeans are largely helpful and can laugh at themselves during these gags but not everybody is so good-nautured.

Some people may get so pissed off that they sue for invasion of privacy. Will you like to be caught in an embarrassing situation and become the talk of town? Please share your opinions.

For those who miss the first episode of Just For Laughs Singapore on 12 Jan 2010, you can catch some of the segments below.

Magic Babe Ning Attempts The Impossible - Guess 4D Numbers

Magic Babe Ning and JC Sum
Singapore magicians J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning will attempt their most mind-boggling feat yet - prediction of winning 4D lottery numbers.

"If we hit the right winning number, we'll definitely take a break for the rest of the year!" said Magic Babe Ning, Singapore’s first female magician and FHM babe.

The celebrity magic duo will seal their 4-digit number prediction in a giant red packet which is locked in a transparent tamper-proof Plexiglas container. The chest will remain sealed and suspended in mid-air in front of St James Power Station’s main entrance.

J C & Ning’s latest psychological illusion stunt will coincide with their latest show Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions, which runs at The Boiler Room @ St James Power Station from 26 – 30 Jan 2010 at 8.00pm every night.

We will know the result this Friday, 22 Jan 2010 at 8.30pm. If they can consistently predict the correct 4D numbers, I think they will become so rich, performing magic shows is just a sideline liao.

Their friends and relatives will also be bugging them for 4D numbers every week. Like that, Singapore Pools sure bankrupt.

Anyway, let's see if magic can really help you win the big prize in lottery. By the way, check out Magic Babe Ning and JC Sum's previous magic performance below.

Japan AirLines (JAL) File for Bankruptcy

Japan AirLines (JAL) File for Bankruptcy
After weeks of speculation, Japan Airlines has finally filed for bankruptcy in one of Japan's largest-ever corporate failures.

The once-mighty flagship carrier and Asia’s biggest airline will face sweeping reforms - staff retrenchment, change in management, reducing welfare benefits, and other cost cutting measures.

Shareholders will be wiped out while creditor banks are forced to write off as much as ¥350 billion in debt. Taxpayers will also bear part of the burden, to the tune of ¥600 billion.

JAL bankruptcy shows that nothing is too big to fail in the airline industry. Hopefully, our proud national icon, Singapore Airlines, will never have to face such a fate.

SIA subsidiary, Tiger Airways, is a different story though. It recently concluded a successful IPO to raise cash for expansion but fundamentally, its customer service is disgraceful. Low cost doesn't mean you can have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

If Tiger Airways continues to lose money, could it be another JAL in the making?

Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai Dating Again

Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai Dating Again
Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai were caught dating at a Taipei bowling alley.

According to Apple Daily Taiwan, the couple took along a group of friends as cover. They sat in adjoining seats and their friends helped to pass messages between them.

When its reporters came on the scene, Chou, who was wearing a mask, left in a huff with his party, the newspaper said, while Tsai hid behind her friends.

Well, it is just a normal date between close friends at a bowling alley. I thought Apple Daily caught some kissing scenes between them. At least the Jiang Yu Chen (江语晨) snippet is more interesting as the hotel rooms for both celebs were linked together.


Take Off Your Bra For Free Drinks

OverEasy, a Singapore bar, is offering free drinks to women if they take off their bras. But not all bras are made equal and the rewards are also not equal.

Take Off Your Bra For Free Drinks
In OverEasy's bar “Fill My Cups” promotion theme, free drinks will be handed out to women according to their bra cup sizes:

1. A cup would get 1 free drink
2. B cup would get 2 drinks
3. C cup would receive 3 drinks
4. D cup would be given a bottle of alcoholic drink worth S$168.

But how will they be judging the sizes? It is by sight, so no filthy hands groping your breasts, if that is any consolation.

In any case, if there are any touching, I think the bar will become havoc. The furore over the Siloso beach molest is barely over, we don't need another public molest/rape case so soon again.

In marketing, I know we need to get creative and controversial to attract people's attention. Sex sells and what better than to combine two of the guys' favorite items, booze and breasts.

However, I feel this promotion is very degrading to women. Will you be willing to take off your bras and let people judge you for the sake of a few free drinks?


Ris Low Still A Virgin?

Ris Low Still A Virgin?
Ever since news broke on earlier this week that Ris Low has been appointed as the spokesperson for condom brand, Espire, she's been accused of having a sexually active sex life, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

However, she clarified that she's very particular when sex is involved. Since her Mr. Right is not in her life yet, naturally, she is still a virgin, the ex-beauty queen told the Chinese newspaper.

Ris Low has lied in the past, so many people are skeptical about her virginity. Anyway, this should not be a big issue. A safe sex promoter need not be a virgin. A HIV victim also can talk about safe sex by sharing their experience right?

Is it because she is Ris Low that we have to hold her to a higher standard? I always believe that people deserve a second chance since nobody is perfect.

Nevertheless, she better teach our youth properly during her safe sex campaign. Since she has never used a condom before and thus no first hand experience of ESPIRE condoms, does she even know how to put it on and are the products safe for use?

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock Kiss At Critics' Choice Awards

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock Kiss At Critics' Choice Awards
It is a tie for winner of Best Actress at the Critics' Choice Awards 2010 held in Las Vegas: Meryl Streep for "Julie & Julia" and Sandra Bullock for "The Blind Side."

Streep and Bullock took to the stage and gave each other a spontaneous open mouthed kiss.

Both Hollywood celebs have a great year with top-grossing films. Streep scored with summer hit "Mamma Mia!", while "The Blind Side" became the first movie to pass $200 million with only one female A-list star.

Besides Streep and Bullock, here is more Hollywood celebs dressed fabulously on the red carpet of 2010 Critics Choice Awards.

emily blunt Critics' Choice Awards

Emily Blunt

Julianne Moore

Heather Graham

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

[NY Daily News]

Jackie Chan In The Spy Next Door

Jackie Chan In The Spy Next Door
Jackie Chan's new movie, The Spy Next Door, is showing in theaters now. It is a family friendly comedy where he stars as a Chinese spy on loan to the CIA who wants to give up his career and marry hot mom Gillian (Amber Valletta).

It is not a breeze for Jackie Chan as Gillian has three kids in tow and he has to acquire babysitting and cooking skills to win their approval.

When one of the kids mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula, and Russian terrorists takes aim at Bob's prospective family, things start to get interesting.

Jackie Chan may be already 55 years old but he is still as nimble and funny as ever. The kids will love his sleek execution of martial arts moves, special effects and funny facial expressions.

If you are looking for a feel good action movie, then this is for you. Check out the trailer here.

Ris Low Back With A Boomz As Safe-Sex Promoter

Ris Low Back Wtih A Boomz As Safe-Sex Promoter
Ris Low, the beauty queen who was subjected to much ridicule for her poor diction and credit card fraud, is now back with a boomz... as a promoter of safe sex.

Miss Low was appointed as a youth ambassador by Singapore-based firm Zander Asia, distributor of Espire condoms. She will conduct talks on safe sex in schools, and use her blog to spread the message too.

I think the past year has been fruitful for Ris Low. For better or worse, she was ranked as one of the 25 most influential people in Asia for 2009 by CNN.

Though Ris Low has commited a crime and cannot speak proper English, I think Singaporeans should be supportive of her efforts to reinvent herself and strike out a new career (see video below).

Earlier this month, she revealed that she wanted to organise her own beauty pageant and has found a new job as a clinic assistant in an Aids clinic. She has also signed up for a part-time diploma in certified counselling psychology at the Academy of Certified Counsellors.

The Sunday Times also reported that she had met the Singapore Tourism Board to discuss promoting Singapore “in terms of fashion sense”.

I think it is great that Ris Low has moved on from the beauty pageant saga and is getting involved in social work and being a tourism ambassador.

Without all these controversies, Ris Low will have been just another Miss World Singapore but she is using her bad publicity for a greater good. This makes her a perfect role model for troubled teens - everyone can turn over a new leaf, if they want to.

Watch First Solar Eclipse In Decades

The new decade's first solar eclipse - when the moon travels between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the sun - will happen this afternoon.

Singapore lies some distance away from the path of the main shadow, so only a partial eclipse can be seen here.

The first sign of the shadow will emerge here at 3.10pm, with the largest shadow visible at 4.26pm.

Source: AsiaOne

Besides being the first solar eclipse of the decade, the entire event (11 minutes and 8 seconds) will also be the longest in this millennium. You will have to wait until the year 3043 to witness such a long solar eclipse.

If you have no time to get out of your office or home, there is a live webcast capturing the solar eclipse from the the roof of the Holiday Inn in Maldives here.

100,000 Feared Dead In Haiti Earthquake

haiti earthquake
Haiti capital Port-au-Prince was reduced to rubble and 100,000 feared dead in a horrific earthquake measuring 7.0, its worst in 200 years.

Haiti’s President Rene Preval called the damage “unimaginable.” He described stepping over dead bodies and hearing the cries of those trapped inside the collapsed Parliament, where the Senate president was among those pinned under the wreckage.

A massive international relief operation is now underway, with the United States, Europe and United Nations deploying emergency funds and supplies for the destitute nation.

Red Cross said it was gearing up to help a "maximum of three million people,'' based on the numbers who live in the affected area.

The Haiti earthquake is a terrible humanitarian disaster. We can do our bit for these victims - even if we are not rich, donating used clothes or toys for the kids to help them get on with their lives will be helpful.

Remus Kam And Rui-En Unhappy In Happy Family?

remus kam happy family
Channel 8's upcoming Lunar New Year drama, Happy Family, may sound joyful but the relationship between the leading artistes is not.

Troubles started when Malaysian actor Remus Kam commented about local starlet Rui En's stance on doing intimate scenes. Remus Kam said that it wasn't a pity he could not kiss Rui-En and she was none too pleased with his remark.

"He said wrongly," was her short but cold reply through a forced smile.

After a couple more probing from journalists, her inner PR machine finally relented. She rolled her eyes, and uttered curtly, "Got better choices."

This is not the first time Remus is being controverisal. He was once linked romantically to Taiwan sex icon Tian Xin who mentioned that his name is not fit to be placed beside hers.

If you want to find out if there is any chemistry between Remus Kam and Rui-En, remember to catch Happy Family which debuts 19 Jan, 9pm on Channel 8. For now, check out the trailer below. May Shut Down shut down may be a thing of the past as Google reconsiders its strategy in China.

Google announced yesterday that it would no longer comply with Chinese Internet censorship and may even shut down its operations altogether, citing assaults from hackers and China’s attempts to “limit free speech on the Web.”

To lose such an important market as China must have been a tough decision. In terms of advertising revenue and mobile phone market, there will be a significant impact, but Google will at least regain its credibility and a better image.

Like Microsoft Bing, Google has been under fire for restricting what citizens can read on the web.

Will other major search engines now follow in footsteps?

[NY Times]

Online Brothel Very Convenient For Prostitutes

online brothel singapore
According to Lianhe Wanbao, there are about 20 to 30 online brothels serving the Singapore market, with call girls from China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and even Russia and India.

Each call girl has a photo and 'complete' information of her vital stats. Some of the profiles will also state whether the call girls provide 'extra' or 'different' services.

online brothel
Online brothels have made it very convenient for prostitutes to snag customers. Fifty dollars and a photo is all it takes for a prostitute to make an online presence.

online brothel sms
One particular prostitute said: "It's definitely better online. We only go out once a customer has 'booked' us, and don't have to spend one entire day standing out in the streets at Geylang."

A quick SMS will set up the client and the prostitute for sex, instead of walking up and down the streets. Talk about the wonders of technology. No wonder call girls are giving the thumbs up to online brothels.

Togo Football Team Disqualified From Africans Cup

Togo Football Team Disqualified
Togo's national football team has been formally disqualified from the African Cup of Nations. Last Friday, the players were shot in a deadly ambush as their bus entered Cabinda, resulting in the death of assistant coach and squad spokesman.

Togo's Prime Minister, Gilbert Houngbo, has told the football team to immediately return home.

"If there is a team or persons present under the banner of Togo at the opening of the African Nations Cup this afternoon, it will be a false representation. The team must return today," he told reporters.

The players want to play as a tribute to the dead. It will be inspiring to see Togo football team participate and maybe even win the tournament, despite the tragedy.

On the other hand, it will be irresponsible to their family members if more deaths occur. I don't think football glory is more important than human lives.

After this tragedy, security is now a major issue for sporting events. Hopefully, the World Cup 2010, held this summer in South Africa, will not see any terror attacks.

Sports is supposed to unite people, as we saw in Invictus, but if top teams start staying away, the tournaments become irrelevant.

Cecilia Cheung Second Baby Boy

cecilia cheung second baby boy

Veteran Hong Kong actor Patrick Tse has revealed that his daughter-in-law, actress Cecilia Cheung, is expecting a boy.

He told reporters on Sunday that he was informed immediately after his son, actor Nicholas Tse, and Cheung found out the gender of their second child.

When asked about his thoughts on Cheung having a second male child, Tse replied that he was "not disappointed in any way" and said that it did not matter because the couple "will continue to have children".

Source: CNA

It is great to know that Cecilia Cheung's marriage with Nicolas Tse has withstood the test of time and survived Edison Chen's nude photo scandal in 2008.

When Cecilia Cheung was exposed as one of the nude photo victims, Nicolas Tse reportedly removed his wedding ring and the couple almost divorced.

But now, everything is fine again. Having another bundle of joy will put paid to any divorce speculation.

Their second baby boy is due in May this year which had been a long time in coming. Lucas, their first child, was born in 2007 and Cecilia Cheung suffered two miscarriages before the current pregnancy.

O Level Results 2010: St Nicholas Top Student

St Nicholas Top Student in O Levels
The GCE 'O' level results were released at 2 pm today.

The top O-level student in 2010 with ten A1s is Lai Kai Rou from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School. She hails from from Selangor in Malaysia, and was initially adverse to the idea of studying in Singapore.

St Nicholas also produced a bumper crop, with 14 girls (out of a total of 44 students) scoring 9 A1s. Crescent Girls' School came in second with eight students achieving 9 A1s.

Overall standard has not declined as about 81.1% scored five or more O-level passes, similar to last year's 80.8%.

However, girls have outdone the boys again as there were just seven boys among the top scorers, three of them from St Joseph's Institution.

What happened to our boys ah? Too busy chasing girls, playing computer games, chatting on MSN or hanging out with their friends?

In Singapore, paper qualifications still very important, though it is no guarantee you get your desired job. If you have not done so well in the 'O' Level, it is time to study hard and do better for your next exams.

Invictus: An Awe-Inspiring Biopic

invictus movie
Instead of a slow and boring movie which I expected before going to the cinema, Invictus turns out to be awe-inspiring, the kind of movie that is the trademark of director Clint Eastwood.

The plot revolves around newly elected South African president Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) who tried to unite his nation in the wake of apartheid. The best way to do so is through their well-loved sport, rugby, which is helmed by captain, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon).

Invictus is predictable enough - underdog overcomes huge odds to become a champion but credit to Clint Eastwood for creating an engaging film out of something ordinary.

Though the last rugby game was a bit of an anti-climax, there are strong performances from Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. You will be inspired by the love, compassion, and unity portrayed in Invictus. Releases Roxxxy the Sex Robot

Roxxxy sex robot
Billed as the world's first sex robot, Roxxxy made its debut at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The life-size sex robot has a full C cup and comes complete with AI (artificial intelligence) as well as flesh-like synthetic skin.

Roxxxy is ready for "action," though you don't expect her to vacuum or cook for you. According to True Companion, she can carry on a discussion, expresses her love, and be your loving friend. Touching her elicits comments varying according to personalities.

Customers can detail their tastes and interests much like online dating sites which will be used to customize Roxxxy's personality and features (including race, hair color and breast size).

Just in case ladies feel unwelcome by TrueCompanion, the company has a male sex robot named "Rocky" in development too.

[ABC News]

Kasandra Kong "This Is My Story"

kasandra kong
Have you read Kasandra Kong's book "This Is My Story?" It contains key ingredients of a best-seller .. love, sex, betrayal, hatred.

In the book, she revealed that her then-boyfriend slept with her friend, and then her younger sister, before getting her pregnant twice. Kasandra's first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage while she aborted the second time.

Her story is really quite dramatic. But now that she washed the dirty linens, the sisters are not on speaking terms.

I admire Kasandra Kong's courage to reveal her past, instead of suffering in silence. Her story can be a lesson to other ladies - there are predatory guys out there who proclaim they love you but actually they want nothing more than to have sex.

The rate of teen pregnancy has been increasing alarmingly, so hopefully this book helps to bring it down.

Kitchen Tigress Put OCBC Customer Service To The Test

According to the OCBC's TV commercial below, customers get a cake on their birthday as a way to show OCBC’s sincerity in serving them.

Well, I am sure the bank didn't expect Kitchen Tigress, a local blogger, to put them to a test by requesting for a cake (it was her birthday).

The staff told her that it was just an advertisement but she persisted and left only after a manager bought her a 7.6cm cake from a nearby shop.

Some people have called her publicity seeking, arrogant, naive, trouble maker, etc for taking an advertisement at face value.

As far as I am concerned, this is Singaporeans being pro-active. Banks every time say "caveat emptor" (buyers beware) when consumers kena conned (in those toxic structured products), so what is wrong if we put them to the test and challenge what they say or advertise.

I am not saying OCBC is no good. I also bank with them and like their service. But before we part with our money, we want financial institutions to be honest, transparent and sincere.

Good job, Kitchen Tigress for scaring the bankers a bit so that they take consumers seriously and don't treat us like suckers.

Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 at Expo

Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 is into its second year and promises even more fascinating tattoos.

More renowned tattoo artists from across the world have been invited to showcase the art of tattooing as well as to share their trade secrets with live demonstrations.

For those who wants to understand more about this art form or tattoo artists who want to improve their skills, you can make your way down to the Singapore Expo (Hall 6B) from 8 till 10 Jan 2010.

LTC Frederick Teo Li-Wei Faces Court Martial

Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Teo Li-Wei, a deputy director in the Defence Ministry's defence policy office, appeared before a military court yesterday. He faces court martial for alleged misconduct involving a female subordinate.

No charges were read out at the hearing. His lawyers asked for the court martial to be adjourned for three weeks to give them time to make legal representations to the military prosecutor.

Teo Li Wei is the highest-ranking SAF officer to be charged for offences related to female subordinates since 2000.

At that time, Colonel Low Wye Mun, then the Army’s Chief Medical Officer, admitted making sexual advances towards a married female subordinate. He was subsequently demoted to a major and lost more than $325,000 in retirement benefits.

With his qualifications (SAF scholar and former Hwa Chong JC student), Teo Li-Wei should be able to rise further through the ranks but too bad, his career is now condemned.

How to have moral authority to lead the troops into battle if you face charges for sexual offense before?

Whether you are an officer or politician, your conduct and integrity must be exemplary. Singaporeans expect nothing less.

Li Shengwu Debate Video

Li Shengwu, the son of Fraser & Neave chairman Lee Hsien Yang and MM Lee's grandson, has been ranked the top debater at the world's biggest debating tournament.

Mr Li represented Oxford University at the World Universities Debating Championships, held in Turkey this year. The debate motion was "The media should show the horrors of war".

Li Shengwu was also recently ranked best speaker at the annual Cambridge IV international debating competition.

If you are curious how a Singaporean edged out debating experts from prestigious universities, check out the video below. You can see that Li Shengwu is a very passionate debator indeed.

Siloso Beach Molest Victim Is A Transsexual?

There are lots of speculation that the Siloso Beach molest victim is a transsexual from Thailand.

Hmm, does it make a difference whether a real girl or transsexual is being molested? The main thing is whether there is an outrage of modesty. It doesn't mean a transsexual is a low-life and deserves to be treated without dignity.

But since the police has not received any molest report, we can only infer this is all done in the spirit of fun and celebration. We don't need to be so kaypoh and feel indignant for the "victim."

By the way, the groping acts are very distasteful, what has our police got to say about such behavior in public ah?

David Beckham Snubbed By The Simpsons

David Beckham was refused a role in 'The Simpsons' because he wasn't famous enough.

The soccer star approached the creators of the hit US animated comedy series to make a cameo appearance but was turned down as show chiefs didn't feel Americans knew enough about him.

Al Jean, the show's principal writer and executive producer, said: "We get a lot of requests from celebrities, and it's always a shame when we have to turn people down.

Source: AsiaOne

It looks like David Beckham cannot hang up his boots just yet. His next career as a Hollywood celebrity has hit a snitch after the Simpsons refused to grant him a cameo appearance.

This is a lose-lose situation and the producers don't know what they are missing out. David Beckham was a one-man marketing machine at Manchester United and Real Madrid. His star power remains undiminished, with his own clothing line set to launch soon.

While David Beckham may not be famous in America (football isn't popular there and he fared poorly at Galaxy football club), but in Asia and Europe, the news of David Beckham appearing on the Simpsons will have pushed up the program's ratings tremendously.

Nexus One/ Google Phone Review

Google has formally unveiled Nexus One, aka Google Phone today. There are several reviews on the web (Engadget and TechCrunch) analysing the features and design of Nexus One as well as comparing it to iPhone.

Actually, their reviews a bit too cheam (complicated) for me. All I know is that the design doesn't look as nice as the iPhone. When I first saw the iPhone, it gave me a buzz but not Nexus One.

Will you forsake your iPhone for Google Phone?

Resorts World Sentosa To Open in Phases

resorts world sentosa
Resorts World Sentosa will open in phases on January 20th, 2010 with Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael opening on the same day.

The four hotels offer a combined inventory of 1,350 rooms and 10 restaurant outlets at their opening. Another two hotels at the Resort, Equarius Hotel and Spa Villas, will add another 500 rooms when they launch after 2010.

In the second phase, we can expect to see the world’s largest Marine Life Park and Maritime Experiential Museum.

Resorts World Sentosa is now working closely with the authorities to obtain approvals for Universal Studios Singapore and its casino license.


Sexual Harassment At Singapore Beach Countdown 2009

A woman clad in a bikini was openly molested by at least four men at Sentosa Siloso Beach but no one came to her aid.

This sexual harassment happened during Singapore beach countdown 2009. Very audacious, right?

The girl doesn't look drunk and should be able to resist the advances of these men. And it is strange nobody helped her out.

Girls should really be more careful in these kind of big parties. If you dress or behave too provocatively, you are inviting unwanted attention.

Anyway, the 4 molestors' faces are caught on video. If this is not a consensual or staged act, then the police should be able to take action.

Ann Kok Cooking Without Clothes 煮持人

Ann Kok Cooking Without Clothes 煮持人I have watched the Naked Chef, an excellent cooking program by Jamie Oliver.

Well, here is Singapore's own version of Cooking Without Clothes (煮持人) featuring Ann Kok. The title is cheesy enough but we are not going to watch a program based on the name right?

The plot goes like this: Taiwan actor, Joseph Chang Hsiao Chuan, quits his job as an engineer to become a professional chef in the face of his father’s violent objection. He’s discovered by a TV producer (Ann Kok) who turns him into an celebrity chef.

If it sounds interesting to you, remember to catch Cooking Without Clothes on Sunday (Jan 3) at 9pm on Channel U.

Beijing Weather Coldest In Decades

Beijing Weather Coldest In Decades
A freezing cold front swept over northern China on Sunday with snowstorms bogging down traffic and air travel.

Snow storms were expected to continue through Monday as temperatures plunged. Gale force winds sweeping down from Siberia could result in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Such temperatures would be the coldest in the capital in decades.

Well, 2010 has just began and extreme weather is rearing its ugly head. There could be more violent weather resulting in serious consequences for human lives and properties.

Yet the Copenhagen climate summit ended in a terrible mess, salvaged at the last minute by Obama with a non-binding statement.

[Herald Sun]

Sandra Bullock 2009 Top Box-Office Star

Sandra Bullock 2009 Top Box-Office Star
Sandra Bullock has been named 2009 top Hollywood box office star, after scoring hits with romantic comedy "The Proposal" and football drama "The Blind Side."

Quigley Publishing Company, Inc. released their annual list of top box-office draws, based on a poll of theater executives and Bullock tops the list.

Considering that Bullock had a two year hiatus and then came back with a bang to win this distinction is not easy, especially when women celebrities lose out to their male counterparts in terms of box office appeal.

The last woman to top the list was Julia Roberts a decade ago.

[Straits Times]

Geylang Prostitutes Moving To Online Brothels

Geylang Prostitutes Moving To Online Brothels

Prostitutes have largely retreated from the Geylang streets with daily anti-vice sweeps, but they are appearing elsewhere - on the Internet.

At least seven websites are openly hawking Thai and Chinese prostitutes, a sign that pimps are increasingly tapping technology to sell sleaze beyond the red-light district.

Source: Straits Times

With sex trade moving online, it will be harder for the police to enforce validity of their "license" or get them to test for HIV.

It is no secret that a lot of China students, pei-du mamas, or social visitors are engaging in prostitution to earn extra income. I think some of our polytechnic or university students also involved.

For those old lechers in Geylang, it is pointless to stop them. But for the youngsters, more sex education is needed to teach them that sexual diseases could spread easily with a promiscuous lifestyle and wreck their bright future.

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Vic Zhou More Handsome Than Jerry Yen

The Taiwanese media recently conducted a voting event for the most handsome guys in Taiwan. Vic Zhou came in first with 13,989 votes, beating first runner-up Jerry Yan's 8813 votes.

vic zhou taiwan
Following behind Jerry Yan are Ethan Ruan, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Mark Zhao respectively.

Given that there are lots of artificial votes in this contest (fans sending in their votes through various accounts and IPs), do you agree that Vic Zhou is the most handsome guy in Taiwan?

Who is your favorite male Taiwan celeb?

[Yahoo News]

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