Geylang Prostitutes Moving To Online Brothels

Geylang Prostitutes Moving To Online Brothels

Prostitutes have largely retreated from the Geylang streets with daily anti-vice sweeps, but they are appearing elsewhere - on the Internet.

At least seven websites are openly hawking Thai and Chinese prostitutes, a sign that pimps are increasingly tapping technology to sell sleaze beyond the red-light district.

Source: Straits Times

With sex trade moving online, it will be harder for the police to enforce validity of their "license" or get them to test for HIV.

It is no secret that a lot of China students, pei-du mamas, or social visitors are engaging in prostitution to earn extra income. I think some of our polytechnic or university students also involved.

For those old lechers in Geylang, it is pointless to stop them. But for the youngsters, more sex education is needed to teach them that sexual diseases could spread easily with a promiscuous lifestyle and wreck their bright future.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think the Gov or MOM dept give a s**t??

Anonymous said...

I think with my dick so it's hard to say :-P

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